Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Die Chaoten/Spermacombo-Split-Tape

And another Spermacombo-Release... The Split-Tape with Die Chaoten.
Unfortunately just with a very bad Coverscan. So if someone got a better Coverscan: please send it to me.

Weihnachtskonzert 1989

Here another Tape with Spermacombo, Ulrike am Nagel, Sapienti Sat and Airtramp: a Christmas-Concert from 1989. Probably the last release of Jenaer Hinterhof Production with this typical Photoprint-Cover.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Spermacombo "Ohne Torte"

Spermacombo was from Jena. This is their Debut-Tape "Ohne Torte" from 1988, also known as "Die Combisten"-Tape because of the silk-screen Cover. The PissPogoBlog posted this Tape too, but i don't like their quality... choose yourself! My recordings got a bit more bass and you get a scan of the original cover.
You must know: in eastgermany it was impossible and forbidden to simple copy a sheet of paper. If you want to duplicate lyrics you has to handwriting or typewritten it. Tapecover were rarely make as a silk-screen, sometimes there were used original photographs (Jenaer Hinterhof Productions and TrashTapeRecords use this), but most of the tapes got no cover. So when you got a simple copyshop-copy for a "original eastgerman tape" at home, you know it is a release after the change in 1989.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

we are the flowers in the red zone Vol.1

Here a Compilation-Tape from Poland-perfect for my blog!

Andrea's Auslauf, Kein Talent+Namenlos and Wartburgs für Walter from Eastgermany

Trybuna Brudu,Dezerter and A.P.S.F. from Poland

Trottel and Biztonsagi Tanacs from Hungary