Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review 1988/89

The history of Review begins in 1985, with the founding members Vasil Giurov,Dimityr Voev and Kiril Manchev.They created the band "Cale". At the first official appearance of the band on the First Sofia Rock Fest in ' 87 they have been removed from the stage after the third song , because of the lyrics of their songs. In '88 "Cale" falls apart,to revive again in two of the greatest bands in Bulgaria for this period - Review and New Generation. The new members of the band Review were Vasil Giurov,Kiril Manchev, Boicho Karaboichev and Milena Slavova.The band's appearance on the radio and on concerts was restricted and they weren't allowed to make records. In 1989 Review dissolve and Milena starts her Solo-Career but the political change make it possible to release a Split-LP of Review together with Milenas Solo-Stuff. Milenas voice is a bit comparable with Nina Hagen and she became the acknowledged queen of Bulgarian Rock. In 2001 Review was reunited, but since 2003 Andronia Popova is the new singer. Here you find Review on MySpace.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Die Zucht - Das letzte Konzert 1985-

In 1982 three classmates of "Chaos" from Wutanfall founded the Band TASS. No-one could play an instrument, so everyone played this, what he can organized: Andre Friedrich got a acustic guitar at home, Jan Hohmann builded himself a bass by using a A5-picture of an bass as guideline and Thomas Stephan played a collection of garbage cans, dustpans and grandpas marchdrum. First they played raw versions of Rock'nRoll-Songs like "Blue suede shoes", but soon their music became more and more New Wave because of some personal changes. Tilo Hartig and after his moving to UK Christoph Heinemann played the bass, Möbius (later known as "Makarios"), a fan of Joy Division and Bauhaus starts to sing german intellectual lyrics and the name was changed into "Die Zucht"(strict Discipline). The punkband turns to a postpunk-band and the postpunk-band later turns to a band with official permission to play but only after anew renaming to a more pleasant name: DIE ART .
This is their last concert under the name of "Die Zucht"
(I think there were somewhere the first Demo-Tape of Die Art, but i do not find again.
Maybe because you can buy this tape in a remixed version it must be deleted.
15 of 17 songs from my tape was released in a 500 limited vinyl-edition on Crutch-Records, but i do not find this label... if someone of Die Art got Problems with this post, they must leave a comment and i will remove it)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spinki Menta - Kutchi i notchi-tape 1987

Spinki Menta was founded in 1986 by Dimitri Kuzmin(voc,guitar), Ronik Vachidov(bass) and Andrej Budanov (drums) and they become a part of novosibirian Punk-Scene around Grazhdanskaya Oborona(Civil Defence). Their Tapes was recorded in the Studio of GO „GrOb“(casket) but instead of Ronik and Andrej Egor Letov and Kuzya Uo from GO play with Dimitri Kuzmin. Here you find their first Tape "Erection of Lieutenant Kireyeva“ from 1987, my Tape is the second from 1987 and there was one or two other tapes before Dimitri Kuzmin changed the band into „Chernui Lukich“. This band still exist.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brigadnui Podryad 1986

The band was a '77-Punkband formed in 1986 in Leningrad by three classmates. The original line up was Alexander Luk'yanov on guitar, Dmitriy Babich on bass, Igor Saikin on drums and Kolya Michailov on vocals. This songs was recorded in a home studio and released by DIY-distribution. Gigging in Soviet Union was really dangerous. Rock and especially punk musicians were regularly having problems with government and police. So the performing activity of BP at this period wasn't rich.But they still play!
Here are:
- the complete bandhistory on MySpace ;
- their website
and google find their "Magneto-Album" from 1989

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rosengarten -Blut und Liebe-Tape

Rosengarten(Rosegarden) is a Dark-Wave-Band from Salzwedel. The name of the band is borrow from the title „Rosegarden Funeral of Sores“ of John Cale, better known is the 1980 Version of Bauhaus. Other influences are Tuxedomoon or Swans. The Band starts in 1985 with the couple Marion(bg) and Helge Semlow(keyb,perc,voc) and the“Treble Torsten“: T.Thönert(dr), T.“Peggy“ Füchsel(g) and T. Fütterer(voc,keyb). The band don't wanna be a Rockband, the songwriting was a collective work and Helge Semlow called work on stage „onanism“. Because of this modesty they became a cultband and as a result of this inconsistency with the bandphilosophy they break up in 1989. Here is their first Tape from 1987 and it was released in three versions. This is the 90min-Tape with some Bonus-Tracks.