Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frühlingsfest ( A ) LÖS ( A ) 1988

In Eastgermany some protestant priests keeping their doors open for Punks and other politicized youth groups.Thereby Erlöser(AlösA)-Kirche, Elisabeth-Kirche,Galiläa-Kirche, Zions-Kirche in Berlin or Christuskirche in Halle became a popular hangout for Punks.In connection with similar meeting places in other eastgerman towns developed a network with international charisma. So it was possible to organize international Punkfestivals on church terrain.Here is a tape of one of this Festivals- the Springtime-Festival of Erlöserkirche in 1988 featuring Aurora from Hungary, OPM, Sanov1 and Do Rady from Czechoslovakia, Total im Arsch and Horschix Änkel from West-Berlin, Reaktion,Spermacombo, Wartburgs für Walter, Reasors Exzess and Fanatische Frisöre from Eastgermany.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Control -The Punk Songs -

Control released their first Demo in 1988, but this distributed just among their friends. In 1989 balkanton released a Split-LP with Control and Nova Generaziya and their first Album "Bumm" in 1990 was the beginning of their stardom, but have only appeared on Tape. This is my personal Compilation of their Punksongs, taken from this first Demo, some songs from "Bumm" and some Live-Tracks from 1990. With "Bumm" they started to be a Rockband, that's the reason for my selection.
If you wanna buy some of this old stuff, contact "Mr Bulgarian Punk" again
... i recommend you the "Control The Punk Years"-Tape (it includes the songs off their Split-release and the 1988-Tape) and "Ne umirachme ot schaste 1988-90/Anthology of Bulgarian underground Vol.1" CD, where my live-tracks are from.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

FPB -Jedem v punku jako v tanku-Tape

FPB means Four Price Band. It was a intellectual punkband from Teplice and formed in 1981.
I think this recordings are a compilation of recordings between 1984 and 1987.
Here is a good Wikipedia-Article about the band: FPB - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and here their myspace
In 2008 they released a 3xCD on , wich included this tape and i think it would be in a better quality, because my tape was just a one-channel-mono-recording, i edited it a bit that you can listen it on both channels.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GefahrenZONE - Die Erste

While we're at Punk without guitar...
GefahrenZONE means DangerZONE and was a Band from Saalfeld founded in 1985 and split in 1990.
They don't wanna be like a normal Rockband, so instead of a guitar they use a saxophone.
Even though they were played on the eastgerman Radio (Parocktikum was a Radioshow about eastgerman and international independent music), they had no official permission to play concerts.
This is their first tape from 1987.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dotch Monroe i Kennedy

This is an exception! This recordings are from the end 90s, but i love this music and it is a bit similar-sounding to Yanka.
Dotch Monroe i Kennedy means Daughter of Monroe and Kennedy.
The Bandleader is Svetlana Chapurina, the singer and Domra-Player(Domra is a type of mandoline). In spite of there is no guitar this is a punkband for me. I do not find any information about this band, i just get a wrong inscribed tape (songtitles not in correct order and some titles missed)... so i assume Svetlana Chapurina first play alone and later formed the band. because there are some old solo-recordings of her (if there is interest i can upload it too-leave comment).
Here you get the first Dotch Monroe i Kennedy Demo from 1996 and a Concert from 1999 (one song got a little break and two tracks are faded out, because there was the end of the tape).
In 2000 they released a good CD: "Porascheniye" (same Label -Otdelenie VUICHOD-released Yanka too) thats where the picture from.
I have heard they released another cd in 2008 and their music changed to typical russian rock...too bad!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yanka i Velikiye Oktyabri

Velikiye Oktyabri means Mighty Octobers and hint at the so called Mighty Socialistic October Revolution in 1917.
Yanka Dyagileva (1966-1991)was a great female punkrocker and one of the brightest figures of the Russian underground music scene of the late 1980s. During her studies at the Novosibirsk Water Transportation Engineering Institute she started performing her songs for general public. In April 1987 she fall in love with Yegor Letov (from Grazhdanskaya Oborona) and stay with him for a year and a half. During this period from 1987 to 1988 Yanka wrote most of her songs.
My recordings are from June 1988 and with Yegor and Djeff from GO on Bass and Guitar.
Yanka recorded lots of songs, but there was no officially releases in her lifetime.
In the evening of May 9, 1991 Yanka left her summer cottage near Novosibirsk and never came back. A fisherman found her body in the river, early in the morning on May 17. The investigation never established whether it was an accident or a suicide...
Here is a russian site about Yanka (find the chapter with the word "mp3" and you can listen to all her stuff and watch some videos) :

Monday, June 1, 2009


Antitrott started in 1984 and was from Frankfurt(Oder)/Eastgermany.
Bandmembers are: Thomas "Kremer" -voc,git; "Jörn" Schulz-bass and "Reimo" Adler on drums.
1986 they moved to East-Berlin and their last concert was in the Church Zionskirche in 1987. This recordings are from 1986.
Kremer and Reimo formed with Tatjana (Die Firma) the Band "Kalabatek Exzek" (1986-89).

Siekiera Demo 1984

This is the Siekiera-Demo from Summer 1984.
The History of Siekiera stolen from the
Kill From the Heart
-Site, a "page devoted to documenting and discussing the roots of hardcore punk rock" and written by Pawel Malinowski:
Siekiera formed in 1982 or 1983 in Pulawy, Poland, under the name of "Trafo". The line-up then was Tomasz Adamski - guitar, Tomasz Budzynski - vocals, Jerzy Janaczek - bass, and Borys - drums. They started by playing cover songs of UK Subs and The Exploited. In the autumn of 1983 they changed they name to Siekiera (Polish for "Axe"). There is a legend that the name came from a guy who heard their music and compared it to the axe. The original line-up was Tomasz Adamski(a.k.a. Dzwon) - guitar, leader, the author of all lyrics and music, Tomasz Budzynski (a.k.a. Budzy) - vocals, Dariusz Malinowski (a.k.a. Malina) - bass, and Krzysztof Grela (a.k.a. Koben) - drums. For a while some guy called Piotr Szewczyk played guitar, but they fired him because of his blues influences.
In 1984 they played their first official show in a place called "Remont" in Warsaw. They also performed in Jarocin, at the youth music festival, and they were well-received by the audience. In October of 1984, after a huge show with TZN Xenna and Youth Brigade, Budzynski left the band (he wanted to have some influence on the band's music and lyrics, but Adamski wasn't happy about that). With that line-up they played only 6 shows. After that Budzynski formed a band called Armia (with Robert Brylewski -note: from Kryzys/Brygada Kryzys/12RAEL-). He's a religious fanatic now, saying that he's ashamed by what he did in Siekiera. Sad...
Tomasz Adamski reformed Siekiera with two new members: Zbigniew Musinski - drums and Pawel Mlynarczyk - keyboards. Dariusz Malinowski took the vocal duties (besides playing bass). In February of 1985 they recorded eight new tracks, some of them were played on the radio. In May and June they recorded some songs for an EP and the Jak Punk to Punk compilation LP. In 1985 they played again at the Jarocin festival, but the orthodox punk public didn't like their new wave image and music.
In 1986 Siekiera released their only LP, Nowa Aleksandria - an excellent album, influenced mainly by Killing Joke, one of the greatest Polish albums of all time. In 1987, a new guitarist, Wieslaw Borysewicz, was recruited, and Tomasz Adamski concentrated on singing. In 1987 they also played a mini-tour with Variete a Polish new wave band. Finally, in 1988 they broke up. They were expected to reform in 1989 with an almost original line up (with Stpa as the drummer), but somehow it didn't work out.
Tomasz Adamski is now a poet and became interested in experimental theatre. Tomasz Budzynski is still Armia's vocalist, he's also involved in a Catholic project called 2TM2, 3. He recently started performing solo, and his music and lyrics have nothing in common with punk now. Dariusz Malinowski has got a new band called Tra-band. Zbigniew Musinski is now in Germany. Krzysztof Grela was eventually killed in a pub in Pulawy in January of 1992.