Sunday, September 27, 2009

H.N.F."Valka" 1986

H.N.F.(Hrdinove Nove Fronty) means "Heroes of the new Front".
I do not know much about this band.. they was founded in 1985 and comes from Jihlava.
Here is a czech site about them, where i take the Fotos from:
HNF - Uvod

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Anonymous said...

founded in 1985 in Jihlava.
First concert playd in 1985.
in 1986 they recorded first demotape WAR, sometimes called Válka (19 tracks).
in 1987 recorded second demotape Obyčejní hrdinové (17 tracks).
in the end of 1987 they recorded minitape called Horrorový věk (4 tracks).
in 1988 they recorded demotape Dům na demolici (13 tracks)
and demotape Nová drákulománia (10 tracks).
theyir last concert were in Ostrava in 1988.

Petr Štěpán: guitar, vocals
Leoš Kostelecký: bassguitar
Pavel Štěpán: drums

1986 - WAR (Válka)
1987 - Obyčejní hrdinové
1987 - Horrorový věk
1987 - Reálný punk kontra reálný hnůj Live in Pakul
1988 - Dům na demolici
1988 - Nová drákulománia
1988 - Live in Brno
1988 - Live Rockfest Prague
1988 - Live in Ostrava

edit: RUDEMAN Czech(my english still isn't very well)

Anonymous said...

thanks, great band!!

Anonymous said...

HNF later changed their name to XIII.Stoleti and they are still playing with two original members, but now they are playing gothic rock