Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trottel -Archiv 1986-88

Trottel started in 1985.
This is a compilation of their early recordings and additional to the post of TERMINAL ESCAPE.
Quotation from the Cover:

"When in 1988 trottel started appearing on records somehow this recording seemed to be shit, we were far to be proud of them..
In the meanwhile a new generation grew up which definitely wanted to hear our old stuff and asked for them but we felt that we should not show them... The thing which regularly happens to bands making records... this was bullshit.After all we did those stuff with passion and honesty and love so why should we hide them even if they are not too good.
So here is this tape sounds like shit but this was Trottel at that time: dedicated to all younger bands, do not search for sponsors, recordlabels, just do it yourselfs!"

The singer Ildi left the band in the 90s and they never replaced her. People developed in their life and the Band Trottel developed together with their bandmembers. Now they play a mix between Worldmusic and Jazz:Trottel Stereodream Experience
But they are still "independent" and have their own Label Trottel Records .

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the wizard said...

oh man, thanks for your comments and also for this post!!! Great east europe punk band, TROTTEL were living in their own world for sure. thanks again for this stuff, keep it up.