Thursday, October 1, 2009

we are the flowers in the red zone Vol.1

Here a Compilation-Tape from Poland-perfect for my blog!

Andrea's Auslauf, Kein Talent+Namenlos and Wartburgs für Walter from Eastgermany

Trybuna Brudu,Dezerter and A.P.S.F. from Poland

Trottel and Biztonsagi Tanacs from Hungary


Anonymous said...

great comp!! thansk for posting it (already got it but....)

by the way, is the last track (the unknown one) is supposed to sound like that or is it just coming from a fucking up cd-r????

Magtapeculturecide said...

Haha.. You got me!
I do not have this comp on tape, but i get it in two versions as mp3s. One missed some tracks, but is in 320kBit/s and the other got all tracks in lower quality, but got a scan of the cover.This is a mix between both.
The last track is a german (so-called)"workers fight song"(my bad translation):
"Brothers(lets go) to the sun, to the freedom!Bright from the dark past glow the future... etc"
for me it seemed like during recording from the radio switched the channel and at the end slowdown recording, to later make play it faster.
it is not a (broken) cdr!