Monday, May 18, 2009

Barbus -Prve Vydanie-

I think Barbus comes from Bratislava. Two Guestsmusicians on this 1987-Demo: Ledo (Krach) and Konyk(Zona A). In 1988 this band transform with Ledo to LORD ALEX.

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Anonymous said...

The band was founded in 1986 in the Erik Dritomský (guitar), Miko Šimboch (drums), Maroš Veselovský (vocals) and Robo Schönhauser (bass). They played only two concerts, recorded a demotape Prvé vydanie and in 1987 he divided. Miko Šimboch and Maroš Veselovský then combine with certain members of the Krach in clusters Lord Alex.

1987 Prvé vydanie

btw. I'm from Czech republic and my english isn't very good