Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ex-Tip Demo

Ex-Tip is a slovakian band. Maybe i'm wrong, but i think they was founded in 1979 and they still exist.
This is the 1983-demo, but i just found a photo from 1991.
here is their official side:

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Anonymous said...

The band was founded in 1981 by regrouping of the band Tip in Robo Horňák (guitar, vocals), Dušan Giertl (guitar), Miki Mikuška (bass) and Ivan Klobušnický (drums). The first concert they played in 1982, when Ivan Klobušnický going to army and his position has Peter Hurtig, Dušan Giertl leaves, and comes Sveto Korbel. A year later Sveto Korbel is fired and the band also played in only three.

In February 1984 leaving Miki Mikuška and a month later the rest of the band too. It remains only Robo Horňák. The new members are Miroslav Kolečáni (bass) and two other people, for which no known name. This group held a concert and only mentioned the two new members go. Returns to Ivan Klobušnický, but again the only place a band concert is good apart.

Renewal comes up in 1988 in the Sveto Korbel (guitar), Miki Mikuška (bass) and Tibor Bohemia (drums). A year later the studio record a demo, after the revolution begin with more concerts and in 1991 recorded album without a name with the designation of a nice day (page first), ugly day (the other). The band plays today.

1983 Demotape
1989 Live in Prague
1991 Pekný, škaredý den
1992 Demotape
2001 Kreken
2008 Nová, stará smena

btw. I'm from Czech republic and my english isn't very good