Monday, May 11, 2009


Kryzys from Poland startet in 1978 . Here some information i find in the booklet of the "Victim of Safety Pin"LP (a sampler of polish punk):
Their first names was "Skull and the Crossbones","Furious Dog" and with "The Boors" they played their first show. In May 1979 they had settled on the name "Kryzys"(Crisis). Their first Repetoire included a mix of songs sung in english and polish and the sound was like UK-Punk. But in end of 1979 the group began to play a more experimental new wave style with Saxophone and a new drummer,who began to write new polish lyrics to the groups original repetoire. In 1981 the Culture Minister of the Capitol Concert Hall offering Kryzys recording time on the newly purchased Tonpress"Kaw"studio. The result became know as Brygada Kryzys...

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