Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rosengarten -Blut und Liebe-Tape

Rosengarten(Rosegarden) is a Dark-Wave-Band from Salzwedel. The name of the band is borrow from the title „Rosegarden Funeral of Sores“ of John Cale, better known is the 1980 Version of Bauhaus. Other influences are Tuxedomoon or Swans. The Band starts in 1985 with the couple Marion(bg) and Helge Semlow(keyb,perc,voc) and the“Treble Torsten“: T.Thönert(dr), T.“Peggy“ Füchsel(g) and T. Fütterer(voc,keyb). The band don't wanna be a Rockband, the songwriting was a collective work and Helge Semlow called work on stage „onanism“. Because of this modesty they became a cultband and as a result of this inconsistency with the bandphilosophy they break up in 1989. Here is their first Tape from 1987 and it was released in three versions. This is the 90min-Tape with some Bonus-Tracks.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Tape.
Do you have Exorcism And Return
or other bands ZORN, Tausend Tonnen Obst, Sandow, Die Art and more?