Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spinki Menta - Kutchi i notchi-tape 1987

Spinki Menta was founded in 1986 by Dimitri Kuzmin(voc,guitar), Ronik Vachidov(bass) and Andrej Budanov (drums) and they become a part of novosibirian Punk-Scene around Grazhdanskaya Oborona(Civil Defence). Their Tapes was recorded in the Studio of GO „GrOb“(casket) but instead of Ronik and Andrej Egor Letov and Kuzya Uo from GO play with Dimitri Kuzmin. Here you find their first Tape "Erection of Lieutenant Kireyeva“ from 1987, my Tape is the second from 1987 and there was one or two other tapes before Dimitri Kuzmin changed the band into „Chernui Lukich“. This band still exist.

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