Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review 1988/89

The history of Review begins in 1985, with the founding members Vasil Giurov,Dimityr Voev and Kiril Manchev.They created the band "Cale". At the first official appearance of the band on the First Sofia Rock Fest in ' 87 they have been removed from the stage after the third song , because of the lyrics of their songs. In '88 "Cale" falls apart,to revive again in two of the greatest bands in Bulgaria for this period - Review and New Generation. The new members of the band Review were Vasil Giurov,Kiril Manchev, Boicho Karaboichev and Milena Slavova.The band's appearance on the radio and on concerts was restricted and they weren't allowed to make records. In 1989 Review dissolve and Milena starts her Solo-Career but the political change make it possible to release a Split-LP of Review together with Milenas Solo-Stuff. Milenas voice is a bit comparable with Nina Hagen and she became the acknowledged queen of Bulgarian Rock. In 2001 Review was reunited, but since 2003 Andronia Popova is the new singer. Here you find Review on MySpace.

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