Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lord Alex -Dni a noci Tape

I don't knew much about this band, but a very friendly anonymous leave all this in a comment, MANY THANKS!

The band was founded by some members of the formerly bands Barbus and Krach in april 1988: Maroš Veselovský (vocals), Miro Lederleitner (guitar, vocals), Peter Guláš (bass guitar) and Miko Šimboch (drums). Their first concert was on the 30th august 1988.
In September 1988 they recorded this demotape and after some month in their rehearsalroom they touring from january to april 1989 .
Miro Lederleitner then has to go to the army.Therefore they recorded in april 1989 the second demotape "Láska a Mier".
Dušan Palko replaced him and recorded the next demotape "Žiadne pravidlá".
Then the band had huge changes and with Janča Rebro on guitar the band changes its style of playing significantly. The music became more noisy,but was interesting and inventive. They played few concerts and one of it was rekleased as a demotape:"Krvavý odchod".
1991 the band recorded a last demotape with a selection of their best songs and dissolved.
At the end of the 90s the band performed some gigs and since 2001 they are official reunited.

1988 Dni a noci
1989 Láska a mier
1989 Žiadne pravidlá
1990 Krvyvý odchod
1991 Nepochopení

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