Saturday, June 13, 2009

FPB -Jedem v punku jako v tanku-Tape

FPB means Four Price Band. It was a intellectual punkband from Teplice and formed in 1981.
I think this recordings are a compilation of recordings between 1984 and 1987.
Here is a good Wikipedia-Article about the band: FPB - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and here their myspace
In 2008 they released a 3xCD on , wich included this tape and i think it would be in a better quality, because my tape was just a one-channel-mono-recording, i edited it a bit that you can listen it on both channels.

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Anonymous said...

Punk group from Teplice was founded in December 1980, began to play publicly since February 1981. Leading member was Miroslav Wanek (bass, vocals) and the background was a very capable manager Peter Růžicka, who was able to negotiate the band concerts, permits and everything related to organizational matters. FPB's repertoire has some taken things, mostly from angloamerican bands and progressively through the set of personnel changes, to be settled on the classic trio - Miroslav Wanek (bass, vocals), Jaromir Hanzlík (guitar ) and Milan Novy (drums).

Group not record any demotape, and so are three key live records FPB - 1983 in the Prague club Gong, 1985 in Prague and the steamboat is most of 1986 from Rockfest, nicknamed Kárný tábor. After Rockfest 1986, FPB virtually break up, the only drummer Milan Novy, but Ruzicka had contracted other concerts, he decided to actually artificially keep the band alive. Comes Radovan Uhlíř (bass, vocals) - he married after adopting the name of his wife, therefore Šantrůček - and Karel Krůta (guitar). Qualitatively they were worse than old band and new band sounds worse is much weaker. Wanek evaluate new FPB not positively and admits that his departure from the FPB has been a disagreement with manager Ruzicka. Guitarist Karel Krůta even doing a criminal act and attempt to emigrate and FPB are definitely in 1987 break up.

In 1990, the group meets classical and loads the plate for the company with the name Who NAR from whom, he that. On the occasion of the plate FPB organized several concerts, including in Prague Lucerna, and then finally winding up its activities.

The importance of FPB is that it is the oldest artistically important punk band, which skillfully led combine punk music with poetry and text quality, however, failed completely removed from the repertoire of free, build a larger repertoire of your own and avoid, as for punk bands is, a musical monotony. Yet the law is one of the top full punk scene.

1983 Live
1983 Live in Gong Prague
1984 Live
1984 Live in Gong Prague
1985 Live in Stará Lysá
1985 Víra v pohyb
1985 Live in Opatov
1986 Kárný tábor live Rockfest
1987 Jedem v punku jako v tanku
1990 Kdo z koho, ten toho
2008 Kniha přání a stížností

btw. I'm from Czech republic and my english isn't very good