Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dotch Monroe i Kennedy

This is an exception! This recordings are from the end 90s, but i love this music and it is a bit similar-sounding to Yanka.
Dotch Monroe i Kennedy means Daughter of Monroe and Kennedy.
The Bandleader is Svetlana Chapurina, the singer and Domra-Player(Domra is a type of mandoline). In spite of there is no guitar this is a punkband for me. I do not find any information about this band, i just get a wrong inscribed tape (songtitles not in correct order and some titles missed)... so i assume Svetlana Chapurina first play alone and later formed the band. because there are some old solo-recordings of her (if there is interest i can upload it too-leave comment).
Here you get the first Dotch Monroe i Kennedy Demo from 1996 and a Concert from 1999 (one song got a little break and two tracks are faded out, because there was the end of the tape).
In 2000 they released a good CD: "Porascheniye" (same Label -Otdelenie VUICHOD-released Yanka too) thats where the picture from.
I have heard they released another cd in 2008 and their music changed to typical russian rock...too bad!

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