Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Control -The Punk Songs -

Control released their first Demo in 1988, but this distributed just among their friends. In 1989 balkanton released a Split-LP with Control and Nova Generaziya and their first Album "Bumm" in 1990 was the beginning of their stardom, but have only appeared on Tape. This is my personal Compilation of their Punksongs, taken from this first Demo, some songs from "Bumm" and some Live-Tracks from 1990. With "Bumm" they started to be a Rockband, that's the reason for my selection.
If you wanna buy some of this old stuff, contact "Mr Bulgarian Punk" again
... i recommend you the "Control The Punk Years"-Tape (it includes the songs off their Split-release and the 1988-Tape) and "Ne umirachme ot schaste 1988-90/Anthology of Bulgarian underground Vol.1" CD, where my live-tracks are from.

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