Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frühlingsfest ( A ) LÖS ( A ) 1988

In Eastgermany some protestant priests keeping their doors open for Punks and other politicized youth groups.Thereby Erlöser(AlösA)-Kirche, Elisabeth-Kirche,Galiläa-Kirche, Zions-Kirche in Berlin or Christuskirche in Halle became a popular hangout for Punks.In connection with similar meeting places in other eastgerman towns developed a network with international charisma. So it was possible to organize international Punkfestivals on church terrain.Here is a tape of one of this Festivals- the Springtime-Festival of Erlöserkirche in 1988 featuring Aurora from Hungary, OPM, Sanov1 and Do Rady from Czechoslovakia, Total im Arsch and Horschix Änkel from West-Berlin, Reaktion,Spermacombo, Wartburgs für Walter, Reasors Exzess and Fanatische Frisöre from Eastgermany.


Clash City Rocker said...

The title of the Aurora song is Fojtogatók (Stranglers).

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for uploading this compilation (how did you get it?), but the server won't let me download it anymore. is it possible to upload it on a different server?


magtapeculturecide said...

Now up on another hoster!